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Configuration in nopCommerce

1. Settings

Choose Configuration -> Payment Methods in the menu, and press ‘Configure’ by the ePay module.

Merchant number

The merchant number you got from ePay. You can find it in the ePay administration through the menu Settings -> Payment system.

Use full screen

Check this to show the payment window in full screen. If you don’t check this box, the payment window is shown in an overlay version. We recommend that you use overlay as the customers will be able to see your store’s layout behind the window.


You can divide payments into different groups and limit your ePay users’ access to specific groups. A group is a name/string. If you don’t want to use groups, simply leave the field empty (default).

MD5 key

If you’ve activated MD5 in ePay, you have to enter your key here (the same key you entered in your ePay administration). The keys must be perfectly identical, and the system is case sensitive.

Auth mail

Enter your email address here if you want to receive an email at every completed payment. If you have multiple recipients, separate the addresses with a semicolon (;). Leave the field empty if you don’t want to use this service.

Instant capture

By enabling this, payments are captured immediately. You can only use instant capture if the customers receive their goods immediately as well, e.g. downloads or services.

Own receipt

Enable this to send the customers to your own confirmation page after completed payment. If not, a receipt is displayed in the payment window.

Use remote interface

Activate this setting to process payments from your nopCommerce administration. You can capture and credit payments without having to log in to your ePay administration. 

Remote password

Enter your password for remote interface (if you use one). This is the same password you’ve entered in your ePay administration in the menu API/Web services -> Access.